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Educational Service

The Education and Activities Department at the Convent of Christ welcomes thousands of visitors each year. It was set up to attend to the needs of teachers and pupils/students from all education levels, working together with the Technical and Scientific S (...)
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Library (Archives and Publications)

ABREU, Marques de e TEIXEIRA, Garcez – A Arte em Portugal – Tomar, Porto, 1929. ATANÁSIO, M. C. Mendes – A Arte do Manuelino, Editorial Presença, 1984. BARBOSA, Álvaro – “A Arquitectura Templária de Tomar. Nascimento e Devir”. In Cadernos da Tradição, A (...)
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Os Castelos e Lugares Templários 1 – O território de Portugal 1.1 – As primeiras doações e o contexto histórico 2 – A organização territorial dos Templários 2.1 – As Comendas 2.2 – As Igrejas 2.3 – Os Castelos 3 – O devir do legado Templário 4 – A memória (...)
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Tomar, Home of the Templars

omar, Home of the Templars is an educational project that is the result of a partnership between Tomar Town Council, the Nuno Álvares Pereira Primary/Secondary School and Tomar Polytechnic. It has produced, amongst other things, the website, www.ttt.ipt.p (...)
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