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Themed Visits

Themed visits to the Convent of Christ and the region:

 - The Spirit of Place

    (on the theme of the Religious and Military Orders of the Temple and of Christ)

 - Templar Route of Term and Cêras

    (St. Maria do Olival Church, Castles of Tomar, Cêras, Almourol and Dornes)

 - Water Route

    (Convent Aqueduct and Convent Cisterns. Charolinha and Cadeira d’El-Rei Tank in Mata dos Sete Montes, former Conventual Fence)

 - Renaissance Route

    (Convent of Christ, Chapel of Nª. Sr.ª da Conceição, Church of Stª. Iria and Nucleus of Painting by Gregório Lopes in the Church of S. João Baptista)


Themed visits to the Convent of Christ

    -The Great Work of João de Castilho in the Convent of Christ

   - The Manueline in the Convent of Christ

   - 16th century Sculpture and Painting in Charola

   - The Manueline in the Convent of Christ - Historical, artistic and iconographic approach
   - Templar Castle: Alcáçova and Almedina

   - Convent of Christ at Night

These visits normally take place during the opening hours of the monument, by appointment, and can be extended under conditions to be agreed.
Groups must have between 20 and 50 elements.