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Regional Military Hospital nº 3

With its closure in 1993, the support for the sick and infirm provided by the Convent of Christ since the 17th century came to an end. The infirmary of the Order of Christ was located in the north-east wing of the complex and even housed one of the largest pharmacies in the region. It was conveniently set apart from the cloisters without being isolated from it. Inscribed on the lintel at the western end of its long corridor of cells were the words SALUS INFIRMORUM. These cells were similar to the regular ones allocated to the Order's brothers, but had large windows so that the air could circulate more freely and cupboards on the walls for storage. To the east was another substantial wing which held the Convent's pharmacy, whose facilities were large enough for the preparation of sufficient quantities of medicines to satisfy the needs both of the Convent's inmates and the people of the region.
On the nort-east side of the building, linking the long corridor of the infirmary to the pharmacy, is the so-called 'Sala dos Cavaleiros', or Knights' Hall. The ceiling of this room is richly decorated and reveals a pattern focused around a central floral motif.