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Jorge Afonso (c. 1475 - 1540)

Portuguese painter appointed in 1508 by King Manuel I as regal painter. In his collection of works, the highlights go to the paintings at the Charola of the Convent of Christ, in Tomar. His workshop was deemed very important in the so-called Manueline cycle.

It is believed that a magnificent set of boards destined to fill-in the blind arches of the Charola of the Convent of Christ were commissioned to Jorge Afonso and his workshop. There were 14 very large boards (measuring 2.5m by 4 m) on the outer wall of the ambulatory but currently only 7 exist.

The main theme of this commission is centred on the life and passion of Christ. The remaining boards that exist to this day:

The Ascension of Christ;
The Entrance to Jerusalem;
Christ and the Centurion;
Resurrection of Lazarus;
Resurrection of Christ;
Baptism of Christ (incomplete);
Pentecost (only a fragment is in existence).