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Artisans and Artists

Herewith, also, some of the artists who collaborated on several occasions in the works or commissions held in the Convent of Christ. Note a few names that signal the foreign origin of several craftsmen.

Omar, stone mason;
Mafamede, stone mason;
Bugimaa, stone mason;
Bebidim, stone mason,
João Cansado, goldsmith;
Balthazar Cornejo, goldsmith;
Francisco Escovar, clerk;
Francisco Florez, clerk;
Francisco Perez, clerk;
João da Rosa, book binder;
Mestre Francisco, wood carver;
Diogo Henriques, locksmith;
Diogo Rodrigues, silks man;
João de Pomar, bell master.

Besides these, many other artists have over the centuries a recorded history as having worked at the Convent of Christ. Examples of this are the names of work masters such as Aleixo Antunes, Fernão Álvares and Pedro Antunes.

There are also dozens of records of other figures, such as carpenters, glaziers, engravers, plasterers and other craftsmen whose names have been identified from documents on the many works the Convent of the Order of Christ has gone through.