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Related Heritage

Tomar region is deeply linked to both the orders of the Temple and of Christ. These religious and military orders held vast territories, commendations, farms, olive oil presses, lands of bread and vineyards, among others.

Remarkable sets include the farming estates of Granja, Anunciada and Cardiga. Donations made to the Order of Christ in the 16th century provided friars with spaces for their leisure facilities, prayer or convalescence.

It should be noted also the Templar tower of Dornes Church and the Castle of Almourol, as among other points of interest for the history of these religious orders so important in Portugal´s assertiveness.

Church of Santa Maria do Olival

The Church of Santa Maria do Olival, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, served as the pantheon for the Order of the Temple and the Order of Christ from the 13th century onwards. Some of the masters of the Order are buried there, including Gualdim Pais. (...)
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Tomar Synagogue

Classified as National Monument since July 29th, 1921, the Synagogue of Tomar is one of the very few Coeval Jewish temples from the presence of this people in Portugal in earlier times to the expulsion they were subjected to by King Manuel I. (...)
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