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Intangible Heritage

Tomar and its region offer a rich heritage that goes beyond its rich architecture. Fairs, festivals, gastronomy with unique flavours and high quality craftsmanship are the work and cultural expression of our communities.
Within the cultural and tourist visits we provide, the town of Tomar and its region offer privileged conditions that need to be discovered and savoured.

Festival of the Trays

Early July, every four years, Tomar holds the traditional Festa dos Tabuleiros (Festival of the Trays). (...)
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Fair of Saint Iria

Saint Iria, Patroness of Tomar, may have lived in the ancient Visigoth city of Sellium / Nabância in mid-seventh century and her tragic story became a legend which is part of Tomar imagination and was treated in many literary texts from the Middle Ages to (...)
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