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Individual ticket - 10,00 €

Payment methods: cash, Visa card, ATM.


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Conditions for admission to Museums, Monuments and National Palaces under DGPC:

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 Tickets with 50% discount:

-Senior citizens over 65 years old

-Young people between 13 and 24 years old

-Families: 2 or more members, one of them being an adult and the other a minor.

Tickets with 20% discount:

-Protocols with third parties, whose activity is compatible with the mission of the DGPC.

-Other situations with legal framework and/or resulting from partnerships within the scope of prepaid tickets.




a) Sundays and public holidays for all citizens residing in Portugal and foreign residents in Portugal;

b) Children aged 12 or under;

c) Unemployed visitors residing in the European Union;

d) Researchers, museum and/or heritage professionals, conservators and restorers, in the course of their duties;

e) Members of ICOM, ICOMOS, APOM and workers from organizations supervised by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture;

f) Teachers and students from any level of higher education, including Senior Universities and accredited vocational training institutions, when demonstrably on a study visit.

g) Groups with proven economic need;

h) Members of Groups of Friends of the MMP dependent on the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage.

i) Employees, volunteers and trainees from the central services of the DGPC or the MMP and 1 companion;

j) Former combatants and the widow or widower of a former combatant, holders of the cards referred to in the Statute of the Former Combatant, approved in Annex I of Law no. 46/2020, of August 2O.

k) Visitors with a proven disability of 60% or more and 1 companion;

l) Tourism or media professionals, including new digital platforms, as long as they are accredited and carrying out their duties;

m) Visitors to corporate events or occasional situations;

n) Other situations with a legal framework.

 For more information on free admissions, discounts and more, please consult order form no. 8030/2023.

*Keep your ticket till the end of the visit.