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World Heritage

Tomar Castle and the Convent of Christ - headquarters for the religious and military orders of the Temple and of Christ - were awarded the UNESCO Heritage of Mankind classification and enrolled in UNESCO´s list of World Heritage in 1983.
The criteria that ruled its classification took especially into account the Templar´s Charola and the unusual western window of the Manueline nave - its construction extends and prolongs past the castle its own rotunda, the Knight´s primitive oratorium.

The Charola, apart from being one of the best amongst the rare existing examples of the rotunda-shaped church, symbolizes the medieval European world of the crusades and the defence of faith. The Manueline window constitutes the first synthesis between European and Oriental art in its original decorative grammar.

Its architecture evokes a vast European art repertoire embodied in the styles that the passing centuries brought to the edifice. The rebirth convent itself was taken into account in the classification of the monastic complex. It is one of the bigger ones in Europe and, also, its main cloister is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture (according to its classification as a cultural asset in the UNESCO´s world heritage list at a meeting that took place in Paris on December 7th of 1982).

C i: representative of a masterpiece of humanity´s creative genius.
C vi: directly or materially linked to historical dates or traditions, ideas, beliefs or artistic and literary works with universal meaning.
Justification: The Committee´s 7th session Report.

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