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Educational Service


The Education and Activities Department at the Convent of Christ welcomes thousands of visitors each year. It was set up to attend to the needs of teachers and pupils/students from all education levels, working together with the Technical and Scientific Support Office.
In addition to dynamising school visits, the departments plans, develops and realises the contents of the pedagogic tour guides and files made available on this page, and also carries out diverse awareness creation activities aimed at attracting new publics, highlighting the importance of heritage in the collective memory and national identity.


Parents to the Convent
On the last Sunday in each month the Convent of Christ invites the "Parents to the Convent". If you are between 6 and 14 years old, bring your parents along to the Convent, where you can all take part in a detective game in which you will find out fantastic things about the people who lived here. You will experience adventure, overcome challenges and, in the end, discover the treasure!

Let's Study the Convent of Christ
Activity proposals for visiting and studying the monument as an object of curricular programmatic contents.

If Stones Could Speak
Tours with activities for pre-primary and primary school children, in collaboration with the leisure time activities association of the Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira Pre-School.

Friar Expeditious and the Wonders of the Convent
Education and Activities Department (SEA), Convent of Christ
Collaboration: João Patrício (teacher)/Gualdim Pais School

The Time Machine
An educational project in the field of history, incorporating activities and multimedia
Nuno Álvares Pereira School/Tomar Polytechnic/Convent of Christ

The Convent of Christ on the Circuits of Knowledge and Art
An academic project focusing specifically on the arts

A Night with History... for Children
Activities combining history and games, with a sleepover at the Convent
Last weekends of July, August and September

Documents containing narratives to support and guide visits to the monument using descriptive and analytic elements
Click on a document to download:

Model Sheet 1st Cycle (132Kb)
2nd Cycle Guide (Years 5 and 6) (148Kb)
3rd Cycle Guide (Years 7 to 9) (164Kb)