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Diogo de Torralva

Sculptor and architect (1500 ? - 1566), unknown if Piedmont´s or Spanish born.
He worked at the Convent of Christ, between 1554 and 1562, having designed, from 1557, the Mannerist cloister, the Main Cloister and the South facade of the Convent where it crosses onto the Aqueduct. He is also credited with a locket with his picture in the Mannerist cloister.
With a still Renaissance style at the beginning of his works, Diogo de Torralva would quickly impose himself as one of the major Mannerism introducers and exponents in the country.

Other interventions:
Madre de Deus Convent in Lisbon
High choir, stalls and cornice of the cloister at Jerónimos Monastery, 1563.