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Convent of Christ

Convent of Christ is the name usually given to the monument ensemble consisting of the Templar Castle of Tomar, the Order of Christ convent of Rebirth, the conventual wall - now known as the Seven Hills Woods, the Immaculate Conception Hermitage and the c (...)
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The origin of Tomar Castle is closely tied to the beginning of the Portuguese kingdom and to the presence of Knights Templar in the Iberian Peninsula - at the time mostly occupied by Islamic kingdoms. (...)
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The place and its time; Treaties of Architecture; Models; Styles; Space and Organization; Symbolism; Systems. (...)
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Historical figures with special importance - directly or indirectly - involved in the destiny of the Tomar monumental complex. Brief biographies: (...)
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Intangible Heritage

Tomar and its region offer a rich heritage that goes beyond its rich architecture. Fairs, festivals, gastronomy with unique flavours and high quality craftsmanship are the work and cultural expression of our communities. (...)
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Related Heritage

Tomar region is deeply linked to both the orders of the Temple and of Christ. These religious and military orders held vast territories, commendations, farms, olive oil presses, lands of bread and vineyards, among others. (...)
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